Apply for Net 30 Payment Terms


Go Glycol Pros credit accounts operate on Net 30 terms with no hold backs or retainer deductions allowed. Under Net 30 terms, you will have 30 days from the date the electronic invoice is sent to complete invoiced payment amount in full. Electronic invoices are sent to the account holder’s email address within one business day of order shipment. 


Go Glycol Pros customers are eligible to apply for a credit account when one of the two thresholds have been met:

  1. At least two transactions have been placed within a single calendar year AND the total combined order values are at least $3,000
  2. A single order total will exceed $7,000

If you do not meet one of the two minimum thresholds but would still like to discuss opening a credit account, please contact


Once you have determined that you will meet one of the two eligibility thresholds, click here to download a credit application form.

Complete the form in its entirety and email the signed copy to along with tax exemption documents (if applicable).


Our credit team will work quickly to assess and vet your potential account. You can expect a response back from our team within three business days with your account status and credit limit (if approved).


Once approved, you will receive emailed instructions outlining how to place invoiced orders on your new credit account.


Payment in full must be received within 30 days from the date the electronic invoice was sent from our automated system to the account holder email address provided on the credit application.

We accept payment in two forms: ACH (electronic bank-to-bank) Payment and by Check. Contact if you wish to pay via ACH for banking information.

Remit-To Address for Checks:

Dept #200701
Go Glycol Pros
P.O. Box 67000
Detroit, MI 48267-2007

If you have additional questions, please contact