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DOWFROST HD inhibited propylene glycol in a 275 gallon tote.
Standard 2 NPT screw valve for threaded connections.
DOWFROST HD Inhibited Propylene Glycol in a 275 Gallon Tote. Bright yellow to green in color.
Tote Top Cap
Go Glycol Pros warehouse facility.

DOWFROST HD Inhibited Propylene Glycol in 275 Gallon Tote

This high purity propylene glycol based antifreeze is mixed with purified, deionized water at our in-house facility.

Our glycol concentration ranges from 25% to 60% and 100% concentrated DOWFROST HD solution. Contact us to request a custom premix. 

Concentration (Percentage Glycol): 25%
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25%-100% DOWFROST™ HD propylene glycol heat transfer fluid includes a specially designed package of industrial corrosion inhibitors

Solutions have an operating temperature range of -50° F to 325° F (-46° C to 163° C), and the glycol fluid is dyed bright yellow to aid in leak detection.

In applications where toxicity is a concern, propylene glycol fluids are used because of their low acute oral toxicity vs. the moderate acute oral toxicity of ethylene glycols. 

Container Specifications

This tight head, rectangular container comes with a fixed handle. Our pails are specially designed to allow for mess-free pouring direct from the pail. No need for pumps or siphons! For more container specifications, click here.

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Custom Mix Concentrations

Our heat transfer specialists can also custom mix concentrations to your specifications. Contact us to request a custom premix.

Bulk Propylene Glycol Available

We offer bulk tanker delivery and installation on 2,500 gallons or more. Contact us for a quote today.

Do the job right the first time

Why choose glycol in HVAC systems for heat transfer? Learn more about the most dependable heat transfer fluid, propylene and ethylene glycols.

Why choose Dow heat transfer fluid? Read about The Dow Advantage. Dow's high purity glycol-based fluids can last 20 years or more with proper maintenance. 

Dow customers receive a free comprehensive heat transfer fluid analysis annually. Register to begin receiving your yearly glycol testing kit. 


  • Physical State: Liquid
  • Antifreeze Color: Bright Yellow to Green
  • Total Weight (in pounds): Between 2310 - 2365 lbs. per tote
  • pH of Solution (50% glycol): 9.5-10.5
  • Composition (% by Weight):
    - Propylene Glycol: 94%
    - Inhibitors and Water: 6%
  • Specific Gravity: 1.053-1.063
  • Reserve Alkalinity: 15.0 ml



HVAC System Freeze, Burst and Corrosion Protection, Snowmelt, Geothermal and Solar Heating

Dowfrost HD Safety Data Sheets

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