Meet Go Glycol Pros

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Go Glycol Pros, a distributor of Dow® heat transfer fluid, is located in Novi, Michigan. We have proudly served the HVAC industry since 1927. 

We sell glycol online in addition to other heat transfer related products. Beyond glycol for heating systems, our capabilities include hydronic HVAC system expertise and troubleshooting.

For almost 100 years, we have developed unmatched system and product application knowledge. We exist to help people make better decisions and our customers experience that every day through interactions with our customer service team. 

This means that we want to hear from you! Contact us if you need advice about heating and cooling systems, a product, or are looking for some help with a project. Our friendly and helpful team is ready to connect you with the information you need.

We are 100% owned by the employees who broadly demonstrate our core values which are:

  •  Knowledge
  •  Responsiveness
  •  Empowerment