Free Dow Chemical Glycol Testing Kit

Free Fluid Analysis Glycol Testing Kit

To help our customers ensure that corrosion and freeze protection are maintained in your systems, Dow® offers complimentary annual testing for systems that are filled with 250+ gallons of concentrated Dow fluid. The fluid analysis is designed to help assure the long-term performance of Dow fluid and to minimize replacement fluid requirements as well as system maintenance and repair costs. 

The analysis includes determination of current inhibitor and glycol levels, glycol pH, plus Dow's recommendations for maintaining proper corrosion protection. 

Dow recommends that after the system is in operation, samples be taken once a year. Before withdrawing a sample, the fluid should be well circulated in the system so the sample is representative. Using a special Thermal Fluids Sampling Kit developed by Dow, labeling and safe shipment of your fluid samples is easy. 

Approximately three weeks after the sample is received by Dow, a report will be sent to you detailing results of the analysis, discussing unusual or troublesome conditions (if any) and offering recommendations. 

With proper maintenance and upkeep, Dow Chemical heat transfer fluids can last over 20 years.

If you have purchased glycol from Go Glycol Pros, you are eligible to receive complimentary fluid testing. Complete the below form to request your free test kit today!