Choose Dow Heat Transfer Fluids

Dow® Chemical Heat Transfer Fluids

We are proud to have exclusively offered Dow® heat transfer fluids for over 20 years. Made in the USA, DOWFROST™ HD propylene glycol, DOWFROST™ food grade propylene glycol and DOWTHERM™ SR-1 ethylene glycol are the products of choice. 

Do the Job Right the First Time
With glycol in HVAC systems making up just 1% of the total system cost, you might think that all glycols are the same. But if you are stuck with poor quality heat transfer fluid, your system (and your budget) could suffer. 

Did you know that many types of glycol antifreeze are made with recycled materials such as used aircraft deicing fluid? Or that automotive antifreeze (also known as coolant) can cause long term harm to your HVAC system? Buying these bargain brand alternatives can lead to unscheduled shutdowns, high maintenance expenses and reduced system life. Long-lasting, trouble free system performance is readily achieved by choosing the right heat transfer fluid. 

High quality glycol heat transfer fluid is a sound investment in your system's future. Dow propylene glycols and Dow ethylene glycols represent the best investment you can make to protect against system damage and lost production. 

The Dow Chemical Company is the only fluid supplier with over 80 years in the industry. Customers ask for Dow because their high purity glycol, enhanced with corrosion inhibitors and performance additives, can last 20 years or more with proper maintenance. 

The Dow Advantage
Dow has spent many years of research and development perfecting corrosion inhibitors and performance additives to achieve the dependability you expect in a heat transfer fluid. Every batch of Dowtherm and Dowfrost heat transfer fluid is tested and shipped with a Certificate of Analysis. 

Customers of Dow inhibited glycols are also backed by comprehensive supporting services. Performed on an annual basis, Dow offers customers a free fluid analysis kit. The glycol testing includes determination of current fluid inhibitor and glycol levels, plus Dow's recommendations for maintaining proper corrosion protection and thermal performance capabilities. If you have purchased from Go Glycol Pros, you are eligible to request a free fluid analysis kit. To order your free kit today, click here.