Glycol Testing Using Dow Fluid Analysis Kit

May 12, 2021

Fluid Analysis Testing From Dow


Dow inhibited glycol fluids have set the HVAC industry standard for freeze protection and heat transfer for over 80 years. As the nation’s largest glycol producer, with over 90 stocking locations in North America alone, they are equipped to help meet your evolving needs. This article covers testing for the below glycol products from Dow:


Sample Analysis Program Requirements

To help ensure that corrosion and freeze protection are maintained in customer systems, Dow offers a fluid analysis service to qualified customers.  It is designed to assure the long-term performance of Dow glycol-based heat transfer fluids and to help minimize replacement fluid requirements, system maintenance, and repair costs. Dow's Customer Service Laboratory provides a free annual fluid analysis for customers having a system size greater than or equal to 250 gallons of thermal fluid concentrate. 

Dow provides the testing service for a fee of $200.00 per sample to any customer who system does not meet the minimum fluid requirement.

Fluid Testing

Typically performed on an annual basis, the analysis includes measurement of the ethylene or propylene glycol concentration, pH, reserve alkalinity, inhibitor levels, water condition, and contaminants (chloride, sulfate, nitrate, and total hardness), as well as a visual inspection of the fluid for color, clarity, and sediment.

Sample Kit

Dow has a complementary Thermal Fluids Sampling Kit for customers who have purchased Dow fluids. This kit permits easy and accurate labeling of fluid samples and safe shipment of samples to Dow for analysis.  If you have purchased from Go Glycol Pros in the past, you may request your free kit here.  

How the Service Works

After the system has been filled and circulated for 24 hours, an initial four-ounce sample should be withdrawn and sent to Dow using one of the Thermal Fluids Sampling Kits. Remember to closely follow the sampling instructions. Proper sampling is essential to ensure meaningful assessment of the fluid condition.

Approximately two to three weeks after the sample is received by Dow, a report will be sent to you, via e-mail, or fax, detailing the results of the analysis plus any recommendations.

Prior to Sampling

Prior to sampling, the system fluid will not separate nor will the inhibitors drop out of solution upon standing, however it is recommended to obtain a sample from a well-mixed system to assure a representative sample.

The sample should not be taken from a point of low flow, where accumulated solids would not be representative of the general condition of the system fluid.

Sampling Procedure

  1. If the system is hot, be sure to protect yourself from a thermal burn.
  2. Let the fluid run until the fluid trapped in the sample port has been cleared to ensure a representative sample is taken.
  3. Fill the bottle, leaving approximately 1 inch of air space.
  4. Close the bottle tightly. There is no need to tape around the lid; it is a leak-proof bottle.
  5. Fill in the information required on the sample label and Customer Information Sheet as thoroughly as you can. Be sure to include the unit name that will be meaningful to you on the report.
  6. Place the bottle in the slots in the shipping container. Leave all unused bottles in the box. Be sure the Customer Information Sheet is included inside the box before sealing.
  7. Seal the shipping container by placing the "Seal" label over the opening flap of the box.
  8. Return the sample kit via your choice of parcel service. The following shipping address is pre-printed on the boxes:

Dow Inc.
633 Washington St.
1712 Building - Thermal Fluids
Midland, MI 48667

If you need an extra Customer Information Sheet, please click here.

Reference Source: Dow Customer Service




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